Management Systems

As a member of the Hamburg Süd Group, Aliança Navegação e Logísitica has the primary goal of ensuring the quality and environmental compatibility of its services. It is for this reason that the shipping group obtained certification in line with the ISO 9001 quality standard and ISM Code on a voluntary basis for the first time in 1996. Since 2000, the company has operated an integrated safety, environmental and quality management system, making Aliança one of the first internationally operating container shipping companies to have its entire land-based organisation and all owned ships certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental norm.

Aliança’s integrated safety, environmental and quality policy stipulates that customer satisfaction is one of the company’s fundamental objectives. To guarantee this at all times, our suppliers are held to high standards that are kept under regular review. To avoid errors before they occur, Aliança staff receive continuous training, because prevention is better than cure.

The process of continuous improvement ensures there is no standstill in the quality offered. Opportunities for improvement are sought in all places and at all times in order to meet changing requirements, now and in the future. This is achieved, for example, by formulating quality and environmental targets annually and subjecting them to regular review.

Aliança´s refrigerated containers are also equipped with the latest technology. They permit the shipment of sensitive products which could be transported only by air in the past. This is yet another way the company contributes to relieving the pressure on the environment. In pursuit of this goal, Aliança staff have committed themselves to the sparing use of resources and environment-friendly action.